Moving GRP Protection Covers on seabed might be a time challenging task. GRP Protection Covers are supplied with holes for soft slings and this require a one sided “needle threading” operation, carried out with an ROV. This takes a lot of time, but clever ROV pilots will always fix it.   

With subLOOPER® the “needle operation” is automated. You still need the same soft slings, the same ROV and ROV Pilot, but the time used for mounting them onto the GRP Cover is reduced to a minimum. 

subLOOPER®ensures secure mounting, and a time saving operation. 


Magic technology

The technology is made from a mechanical principal for change of hinge side based on position and force load. This allows us to change hinge side, by just push and pull the tool in one operation. It looks like magic when you first see it in operation.


subLOOPER ® have already saved a loft of operational time in projects.


  • Timesaving operation

  • Safe operation

  • Easy operational planning

  • Available for rental

Testimonies from clients

“ subLOOPER® is a genius idea that was made to a product by Allinvent AS. During the operation we experienced the ROV pilots competed how fast the soft slings could be mounted by use of subLOOPER® J” 

Kim Slaake, Subsea Engineer- Ocean Installer


“I was sure subLOOPER®would save us vessel time and would be the correct tool for the job for removal of 20 GRP Covers. I believed in the idea of subLOOPER®and the ability of Allinvent to make a good product. Someone said they would “eat their hat”, if subLOOPER®worked. How the hat tasted, I don’t know, but someone had to eat it J.”

Terje Ingebretsen, Consultant, Subsea Operations


“We are very pleased with subLOOPER®and it saves us for a lot of time during installation of softslings when moving subsea covers “

Richard Hausken Røthe, Senior Project Engineer- DeepOcean


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